M3 racing on an aircraft carrier? Yeah, it’s fake but man, it’s dope! Check it out with the sound on this video. People are harping on the sound they are making in this video. I’d have to say it sounds pretty nice to me. Almost reminiscent of the only good thing about Star Wars Episode 1… the racers! And remember people, those racers were fake, too!

I recently ran into this smart watch concept design by Francois Petit of G&C. I appreciate the idea of keeping with a modern style watch. We are bombarded with concepts and ideas of what a future smart watch may look like, but this is really the first time I’ve seen someone start with the look of a modern, ordinary watch and expand from there. I believe the key to its success will be that the digital display is strong enough to keep with the look of an ordinary watch and move in and out of other digital information from there. Overall, some really great thoughts here to share.

The thing I love most about design is the ability to help bring joy to people’s lives. A good example of this is what Coca-Cola and Y&R Dubai have done for migrant workers. These workers are often the poorest in the country, and live apart from their families for many months. Often, the only way they keep in touch is by calling home — not always cheap, since rates can be as high as $0.91 a minute.

To help them out, Y&R Dubai turned Coke bottle caps into a “currency” that could be used in a special booth that accepted those caps so you could make three-minute international calls. The booths were installed at labour camps where the workers live.